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What is Earth Temple?

    Earth Temple creates a special and meaningful place
   for honoring the earths treasures. Stones are akin
 to the heart and a reflection of one’s spirit.

It is an authentic hands-on experience with
minerals, crystals and gemstone specimens.
It is a fascination children and adults
have with the elemental world.

It answers questions with an authoritative and caring attitude.
“Where do crystals come from?” “How do geodes form?”
“How is a fossil shell created?” “Why is amethyst purple?”

It is an adventure into the world of fossils and geologic time.

It is the glowing faces of children contemplating
the wonder and mystery of a hidden world.

Earth Temple’s specimens are like magnets
that pull on people’s deepest interests and concerns
of our planetary wonders and past life forms.
My booth is a doorway into this secret and mysterious world.